About Us

Academy Connect was created to provide a secure online platform that helps alumni of all the U.S. Service Academy alumni flourish in their post-retirement life. It does this by blending 3 critical elements:

  • Valuable Connections
  • Rewarding Career Opportunities
  • Rich Success Resources

A Unique Mission to Connect Service Academy Alumni to New Levels of Success

Valuable Connections.  Attending a Service Academy was a defining moment for all of our lives.  Since leaving active service, we’ve been very fortunate to forge connections with a number of other Service Academy alumni.

The contacts and camaraderie have been such a tremendous asset to our professional and personal lives that we wanted to make it easier for others to develop these important relationships as well.

Rewarding Job Opportunities. Over the years, we’ve matched up hundreds of Academy alumni with exhilarating new challenges at world-class companies. Yet, we also discovered a big gap between the job listings on most military employment sites and the new challenges Service alumni desired.

We knew from experience it wasn’t a lack of interest.  Many outstanding companies covet the leadership and drive of Academy graduates. They merely lacked an employer-friendly platform to efficiently reach them.

Rich Success Resources. Finally, the journey to the top career doesn’t stop when you land a job. In today’s world where the only certainty is change, you need to constantly upgrade your knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the competition and attract promising future opportunities.

As a result, we created a private, professional online platform that combined all three elements to accelerate Academy alumni’s journey to lifelong success.
We hope you join us.

James Duncan USMA ’95