A Non-Charitable Case for Hiring Veterans

Often called the Greatest Generation, our predecessors of the World War 2 generation were called just that for what they accomplished after the war as for what they did during it.  In the post 9-11 years of the GWOT wars, a well spring of non-profits has erupted to support our fellow Veterans in their transition […]

The Future of our Military Always Begins with the Academies

            Last week, the military community was informed that two West Point graduates have become the first females to graduate from the Army’s Elite Ranger School.  While the news set off a stirring debate about women in the infantry, consistent standards, and the integrity of the Ranger program, much of […]

navy class of 1894

When the Game Changes

Fellow Alumni, As an Academy Graduate and Army football alumni, the Army-Navy classic will always hold a special place in my heart.  The above picture stuck me as particularly moving given that it was from the 2001 season and just months after 9-11. They each began their season with hopes of beating their long time […]