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Six Leadership Lessons from George Washington

INC. – Inc Magazine takes you on a video journey to lessons on leadership as exhibited by this nation’s first Commander in Chief.

Elon Musk on Spaceships and the future of lean manufacturing.

Forbes – Fresh off the heels of his successful launching of a Tesla into outer space, Musk now has his sights set on manufacturing here on planet Earth.

It's official: DoD releases new 'deploy or get out' policy.

Military Times – Under the direction of James Mattis, the military rolls out its new policy requiring all members to be able to deploy in a 12 month period or exit the service.

Navy Ship Collisions Prompt Rare Criminal Charges

Military Times – In the wake of 5 high profile ship collisions in the Pacific, the Navy brings criminal charges against 5 Naval officers to include the charge of negligent homicide.

What Every Veteran Should Know Before Starting a Business

Veteran’s starting their own business should never expect to be treated like a charity because the word “veteran” was thrown in the mix.

US special operations forces dispatched to Tal Abyad in northern Syria

MilitaryTimes – According to Kurdish activists in northern Syria, U.S. special operations forces were recently dispatched to the Kurdish-controlled city of Tal Abyad, near the Syria-Turkey border, as tensions flare in the fight against ISIS.

When Will Robots Take Over the Fast Food Industry

Entrepreneur Magazine explores the coming rise of automation and the first industry like to be taken over by robots.

No Exceptions! A Marine by Any Other Name Should Still be a Marine.

Unprecedented Mediocrity – A Marine’s viewpoint on the military transferring over high tech civilians with rank and the coveted title of United States Marine.