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The Global Game Changers List of the Year 2017

Forbes magazine breaks down its annual list of global game changers that shaped the year and our future.

Want to Raise Inspired Kids? A Navy SEAL’s guide to doing so.

Admiral William McRaven’s new book breaks down how to inspire children in a generation that needs it.

No Exceptions! A Marine by any Other Name

A Marine’s viewpoint on the military transferring over high tech civilians with rank and the coveted title of United States Marine.

Every President for the last 25 Years Has Blown Up Something in Iraq

Unprecedented Mediocrity – That’s right, for over a quarter of a century America has been blowing up stuff in Iraq and it doesn’t seem poised to end anytime soon.

Forbes 2017 Billionaires List. Meet the richest people on the planet.

Forbes releases its annual richest people on the planet list. Check who joined and who fell out of the billionaire club.

A Non-Charitable Case for Hiring Veterans

Often called the Greatest Generation, our predecessors of the World War 2 generation were called just that for what they accomplished after the war as for what they did during it.  In the post 9-11 years of the GWOT wars, a well spring of non-profits has erupted to support our fellow Veterans in their transition […]