When the Game Changes

Fellow Alumni,

As an Academy Graduate and Army football alumni, the Army-Navy classic will always hold a special place in my heart.  The above picture stuck me as particularly moving given that it was from the 2001 season and just months after 9-11.

They each began their season with hopes of beating their long time rival, but by the time the game arrived the world had changed.  Over a decade of war laid ahead for these leaders and for the first class in a long time, they knew it with certainty.  The game had changed.

Thankfully, the Academy that I know had been preparing them for just such a moment.  At Academy Connect, we believe in continuing this mission on the other side of war as we pursue our callings as entrepreneurs, executives, and industry experts.  On our job board, you will find such opportunities available to Academy Graduates along with the training, networking, and support you need to accomplish the mission.  Stand ready for when the game changes again here at Academy Connect.

James Duncan – USMA ’95

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